Founded in 1988, the Low Country Property Management Association is a group of property managers, fractional ownership managers, regime management companies and vendors related to servicing the Property Management industry. Our monthly luncheon meetings provide an opportunity for members to network and stay informed on current issues impacting our community and properties. 


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"Like most local businesses, High Tide Restoration and Cleaning was hit hard by the early developments of COVID-19. Cancellations ranged from cleanings to face-to-face meetings to events to continuing education. But our 24/7 emergency services never took a backseat, and our office was able to keep regular business hours to help those in need.


Fortunately, we were one of the first cleaning and restoration companies to offer a sanitizing solution which eliminates 99% of COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria. This was essential to getting the Lowcountry back up and running after shutdown restrictions were lifted. This service continues to play a crucial role for property managers, medical facilities, daycares, schools, public offices, restaurants, residential homes, and more.


On a positive note, we were lucky to add four new team members in Chris Wells (Vice President), Amanda Therrian, Mericia Guerrero, and Eileen Bollinger (staff members). They have all been instrumental in High Tide’s increased productivity, sales, and customer service.


Thankfully, we are back to full operations while our staff and technicians take every safety precaution necessary to ensure the health and well-being of our clients."

Jordan Young, Regional Sales Director
High Tide Restoration and Cleaning

September, 2020


Our Mission:





  • To advance the general welfare of property management and associated professions.

  • To participate for the purpose of mutual benefit in an information exchange with all state and local affiliated property management associations.

  • To promote the growth and recognition of property management as a professional and viable profession.

  • To raise professional standards and further develop the practice of property management in the Low Country.

  • To promote an understanding and compliance with laws governing and affecting the property management business at both the state and national level.

  • To disseminate useful information to all members and promote them to further educate themselves in the professional practice of property management.

  • To advocate a Code of Ethics to maintain high professional standards and sound business methods among its members for the best interests of the industry and public.